Affordable Housing


Site adjacent to Chequers, Bough Beech

The Parish Council has, in partnership with English Rural Housing Association, launched a public consultation on a small development of local needs housing in Bough Beech.  The proposal is to design, build and manage a small development of eight affordable rented homes for local people. The scheme would comprise the following homes:

2 x one bedroom flats;
2 x two bedroom flats;
3 x two bedroom houses; and
1 x three bedroom house

In addition, 3 x three bedroom open market homes are proposed. These will provide valuable cross-subsidy for the affordable homes.

We are really keen to hear from local residents about your thoughts on this proposal.  Please see for more information, for your opportunity to respond to the consultation and to register interest in one of the proposed new homes.  If you are unable to access the online consultation, but would still like to make comments please contact the clerk.

Site adjacent to Bassetts, Chiddingstone Causeway

The following are the proposed site layout plans, perspective and appearance of the affordable housing scheme in Chiddingstone Causeway. For more information please contact the Clerk.


Site Location
Site Layout
Site Perspective
Site Appearance

Chiddingstone Parish Affordable Housing Scheme

Second-Stage Housing Needs Survey