Clubs and Societies

This is a list of Organisations, Clubs and Societies in Chiddingstone, with initial contact details.

If any societies have their own web site, or information which they would like adding to this site, please contact the Clerk. These sites can then be viewed just by clicking on the highlit Club & Society name. Those contacts with eMail addresses have their names highlit: click on the name to start sending an email.

Club or Society Contact Name Email/Telephone Website
Chiddingstone Sports Association John Balean           
Chiddingstone Cricket ClubJohn
Chiddingstone Football ClubMartin 
Stonewall Park Cricket Club   Fred
Chiddingstone Causeway Stoolball ClubDebbie
Chiddingstone Badgers Football Club   Chris 
Chiddingstone Tag RugbyPhil 
Chiddingstone Tennis ClubRichard    
Chiddingstone Real FootballKenton
Hever TrianthlonBrian