The Bough Beech Residents Account Trust (BBRAT)


Governance and Contact Details

The Trust is governed by 2 permanent Trustees appointed under the original trust deed – Mark Yates and Paul Vicary - supported by a Committee.

The Committee currently comprises:

Mark Yates/ Paul Vicary


Contact information:



The Secretary may be reached on: 01732 700722

The Secretary’s postal address:

4 Lakeside Close, Bough Beech, TN8 7PL



Steve Manklow


Kerry Outlaw


Steen Carndorf


Neil Murray

 Deputy Chair

Chriss Gubb


John Hamilton

Tracey Varney


A summary of our background, purpose and governance structure can be found in a note from January 2014: /Core/Chiddingstone-PC/UserFiles/Files/BBRAT/web page archive.pdf


 Investment Proposals

All members are encouraged to make proposals for investment of capital, for the consideration of the Trustees.

Please complete the proposal form using the link below and send to

/Core/Chiddingstone-PC/UserFiles/Files/BBRAT/The Bough Beech Residents Account Trust - investment suggestion form.docx 

2017 Annual General Meeting:

Delegate pack, including the Annual Report from the Trustees, Minutes and list of attendees can be found here: /Core/Chiddingstone-PC/UserFiles/Files/AGM 2017 - Minutes.pdf, /Core/Chiddingstone-PC/UserFiles/Files/AGM 2017 - delegate pack.pdf, /Core/Chiddingstone-PC/UserFiles/Files/AGM 2017 - attendees.pdf

2017/18 Committee Meetings

Trustee and Committee Meetings ( which are open to the membership) for 2017/18 will be held at the Wheatsheaf at 8pm on 24th January, 25th April and 12th September.

 2018 Annual General Meeting: To be held at The Wheatsheaf at 8pm on the 16th October.


Kind regards

The BBRAT Committee